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We focus on Finance.
You focus on Growth.

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Here are the case studies:

*All company details confidential due to security reasons

Bootstrapped Softwarehouse

- Healthy & Predictable Cash Flow.
- Management able to make data-based decisions.
- Great information flow between Management, Business and Back Office teams.
- Internal & external stakeholders having a trusted person to go to with questions and requests.
- Monthly reporting on key financial and non-financial indicators and insights to leaders.
- Monthly forecasting and budgeting on Projects and Overheads.
- Tight control over Overheads, Project Expenses, Revenue, Accruals & Accounting.
- Setting up and Maintaining information exchange between business and finance.
- Direct engagement in billing and receivables in all locations.

PE-backed Tech Startup

- Happy Investors with trust in the Company.
- Founders (non-financial) able to understand the ROI of their decisions and resources needed.
- Founders and Operations can focus on growing the business, receiving actionable insights and reports.
- Optimized Cash Flow and Expenses.
- Identified key insights and indicators important to both management and invstors.
- Analyzed Expense structure, identified bloated areas and created a payment system to maximize payment terms.
- Set up, ran and developed controlling and FP&A functions
- Supported Founders through their decision making by providing key financials, analysis, models and sensitivity.
- Introduced accruals to make month to month financial situation more transparent and predictable for Founders.

All of the above
for a fraction of CFO salary

Dawid wojtaś

Backed by Experience & Education

In the online world where anyone can open a business with zero experience and call themselves an expert, wasting your time and money, here are my credentials:- 5+ years of finance experience in international IT/Tech, marketing and energy companies
- CIMA, Certified Global Management Accountant Certification in progress
- Bachelor's in Finance, Master's in Finance Management
- Plenty of achievements and successful, on-time deliveries
- Genuine passion for business and all things finance

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