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Solopreneurs offering
B2B Services

Over $100k/yr in revenue
Great at Business, not Finance
Looking for Financial Guidance

Bootstraped & Funded
Tech Startups

Global B2B Tech Startups
No Finance Team in place
Growth oriented Founders

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Bootstrapped Softwarehouse

- Healthy & Predictable Cash Flow.
- Management able to make data-based decisions.
- Great information flow between Management, Business and Back Office teams.
- Internal & external stakeholders having a trusted person to go to with questions and requests.
- Monthly reporting on key financial and non-financial indicators and insights to leaders.
- Monthly forecasting and budgeting on Projects and Overheads.
- Tight control over Overheads, Project Expenses, Revenue, Accruals & Accounting.
- Setting up and Maintaining information exchange between business and finance.
- Direct engagement in billing and receivables in all locations.

PE-backed Tech Startup

- Happy Investors with trust in the Company.
- Founders (non-financial) able to understand the ROI of their decisions and resources needed.
- Founders and Operations can focus on growing the business, receiving actionable insights and reports.
- Optimized Cash Flow and Expenses.
- Identified key insights and indicators important to both management and investors.
- Analyzed Expense structure, identified bloated areas and created a payment system to maximize payment terms.
- Set up, ran and developed controlling and FP&A functions
- Supported Founders through their decision making by providing key financials, analysis, models and sensitivity.
- Introduced accruals to make month to month financial situation more transparent and predictable for Founders.

What can we do for You?

Mix and match our services to fit
your current scale and needs

Invoicing & e-Invoicing

Timely Bill Payments

Cashflow Management

Handling Unpaid Invoices

Vendor Management

Budgeting & Forecasting

Financial Analysis

Financial Controlling

Management Reporting

1:1 & Group Training

Explaining Impact on Business

Financial Advisory

Financial Modeling

Process Creation and Improvement

Hiring and Training in-House Staff

Investor Relations

Strategy Development

Accounting Supervision

Cost Center Management

Indicator Tracking and Analysis

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Our initial Consultation, is 100% free and aims to solve your first, immediate problem that same day.Commitment is scary sometimes, so instead of a 2 year contract with monthly payments, I suggest we start off with a small, one-off project to test the waters.Additional services include:
- Monthly AP (vendor management and payments)
- Monthly AR (invoicing and collections)
- CFO Enhanced (planning, controlling, AMA access)
Out of scope services are charged at an hourly rate of $115 or are priced individually.For tax and payroll services, I can refer you one of our trusted Partners.

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Dawid wojtaś

Backed by Experience & Education

One bad hire can ruin your business,
here's why that won't happen with me:
- Bachelor's in Finance & Accounting, Master's in Finance Management, 4 year Certified Accounting Course
- 5+ years of experience in international IT/Tech, B2B Service, Marketing and Energy companies
- CIMA, Certified Global Management Accountant Certification in progress
- Plenty of achievements and successful, on-time deliveries
- Genuine passion for business and all things finance

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